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La Poste Courier

La Poste is a French postal service company operating in Metropolitan France, as well as in the five French Overseas Departments and Saint Pierre and Miquelon Overseas Community. La Poste is also responsible for mail services in Monaco by La Poste Monaco and in Andorra alongside the Spanish business Correos because of bilateral agreements. It is founded in 1991, 

La Poste is the parent company of Groupe La Poste, which also includes a banking and insurance company (La Banque Postale), a transportation distribution company (Geopost), and a telephone operator (La Poste Mobile). Although its postal activity is decreasing due to Internet growth, it still accounts for half the company’s profits.

La Poste covers many parts of the world, with a range of up to 40 separate countries sent to four continents. Of course, most of the La Poste hubs are based in France, their home region, and most of the exports and activities are also produced in France. French retailers also opt for La Poste to manage the distribution of their packages. Finally, to meet other customers more specifically across Europe, Germany, Poland, or the Netherlands again, La Poste operates with its Geopost logistics operation.

Track the parcel

You may go straight to the official website of La Poste to track your La Poste order. Two separate spaces will help you to track your La Poste parcel: 

A space for people. 

Room for clinicians. 

For both components, La Poste monitoring is a simple operation. You can go to the following tab if you’re an individual: here. In the search bar, you will need to place your La Poste tracking number and click on ‘search.’ 

You can navigate the following website if you are a professional: here. You have the choice of placing one or more La Poste tracking numbers in the technical space search bar. So if you want to follow multiple letters, for example, you only need to insert each one.

Benefits of La poste application

The La Poste application offers multiple benefits: 

You can monitor the Chronopost or Colissimo shipment in real-time via email or again (Chronopost and Colissimo are the french partners of La Poste). 

From there, you can view your account and handle everything: your personal records, your likes, and your updates. Texting helps you to view your emails. 

The closest post offices or the nearest drop-off point can be located, plus the route plan, opening hours, and facilities can be seen. 

The postage cost of your exports to France, but also abroad and globally, can be estimated.